Quasi-static & Fatigue Testing Facilities

Quasi-static and fatigue testing are performed using computer-controlled hydraulics and multi-axial load frames.




200 lbf Instron

  • Screw drive
  • Pneumatic grips


5 kip MTS

  • Used for quasi-static and high-cycle compression fatigue tests
  • Axial and torsion capabilities
  • Available grips: 3-point/4-point bending, tension, capstan, linear bearing compression
  • MTS Flextest SE biaxial controller

5-kip MTS load frame

20 kip MTS

  • Used for high-cycle tension fatigue tests
  • MTS FlexTest SE biaxial controller

20-kip MTS load frame

20 kip Instron

  • Used for compression tests
  • Low and high pressure fixtures available for simultaneous ultrasonic transducer measurements
  • Environment chamber for -60 °C to +150 °C temperature control
  • 407 Controller



ultrasonic testing


50 kip MTS

  • Used for tension testing to determine the ultimate strength of large samples

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